Ami ‘The Valkyrie’ Emerson (1-2) vs Madison ‘The Butcher’ (1-0)


Description: Season Six Match AMI EMERSON The Valkyrie HT: 5’7 WT: 130lbs Season record (1-2) Lifetime record (1-2) Ranked 8th MADISON The Butcher HT: 5’2 WT: 109lbs Season record (1-0) Lifetime record (3-1) Ranked 11th A great battle between two evenly ranked opponents. 8th vs 11th – who fucking who? Madison is a seasoned veteran. Tough, tenacious, quick and strong. She understands the sport and loves fucking the losers. Ami is a favorite to win the first annual rookie of the year award this season. She lost her first two matches, but those defeats are what made her what she is today. Her size and strength demand that every wrestler take her seriously. She is that good.

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