Ariel X is Pushed to the Limit and Cries “Mercy”!!


Perfect hard-bodied submissive Ariel X is tightly bound on the floor and made to worship les-domme Lorelei’s pink pussy while electricity courses through her nipples, pushing her to the absolute limits of pleasure and pain. Ariel’s nipples are shocked with the electro-clamps until she cries “Mercy” and Lorelei moves the clamps to Ariel’s tight thighs and cruelly zaps the soft skin between Ariel’s perfect toes. Lorelei uses the taser relentlessly to send blue volts coursing through Ariel’s nipples again and again as Ariel moans. Finally Lorelei sits on Ariel’s moaning face and gets her pussy licked until she comes hard. Ariel has earned her orgasm, and she loves every minute of this hardcore electrosex.

Pornstars: Ariel X / Lorelei Lee