Brutal grapevines, Camel clutches, Crushing leg scissors destroy Jessie Cox. Finger fucked!


Description: SUMMER VENGEANCE TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS! CHEYENNE The Wrangler HT: 5’5 WT: 127 lbs Season record (2-0) Lifetime record (2-0) Ranked 6th JESSE COX The Cheerleader HT: 5’2 WT: 108lbs Season record (2-0) Lifetime record (4-1) Ranked 10th Jessie Cox is coming off her best season to date. This former Collegian athlete is undefeated this year and has her first ever tournament win under her belt. With the experience she gained during last year’s tag team league with partner Dia Zerva, Jessie has increased her strength, skill and endurance immensely. Cheyenne came late to the dance, stepping in mid-season, but this rookie brought a world of wrestling skill with her. In just her second match she destroyed a 5 year veteran and is the dark horse to watch in this year’s Tournament of Champions. Cheyenne is pure muscle and skill, and Jessie Cox never had a chance. Right from the start Cheyenne takes control and begins finger fucking Jessie into oblivion. Cheyenne open a huge can of whip ass all over Jessie in the form of multiple submission holds. From brutal Grapevines, to smothering leg scissors. Jessie even suffers in a Camel Clutch until she submits to the agonizing pain. Jessie is finger fucked, bent, crushed and broken on the mat. Not satisfied with turning Jessie into her personal rag doll on the mat, Cheyenne puts on a big strap on and fucks the living hell out of the loser in a great RD4. Jessie gets worked over yet again, helpless and humiliated by the superior opponent!

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