Kayleigh Nichole’s First Slave Training Session Goes Well


Description: Even though he scared me, I wanted to serve my new Master. He promised he’d make me the best sex slave with his effective training. He left me in the perfect position for what he had in mind: my neck and wrists collared to a post, my ass poked out for him easy access. I couldn’t pull away no matter how hard I tried. He wanted to test how well I can actually deep throat a horse cock like his. He wasted no time, shoving his dick all the way down my throat to his balls. All he wanted to hear was me gagging on his thick shaft. He expects plenty of spit. I did like all the slobber that fell from my mouth. I didn’t make it easy for him. I just wanted him to keep trying. I loved feeling his dick expanding my throat. He must have been impressed because he propped me up, blindfolded me and fucked me from behind. I enjoyed his cock in my pussy much better, especially when he grabbed my head and used it to bounce me on his throbbing manhood. He made me tell him how much I loved it. He even made me beg for more disgrace. I was actually being honest. I wanted more. That very though made every orgasm much more intense. When he was done, I was left trembling. But my pussy quivered for more.