Kiki’s Cumery Part 3 – Smothering and squirting at Kiki’s hump palace.


With bright red and purple bruises on her butt and legs Kiki gets tied spread eagle on the floor. She’s unable to protect her cute little slit. Her face makes the perfect seat for Juliette’s beautiful ass. Each time Juliette takes her seat Kiki gets out of breath. Then it’s time for Juliette to have some fun. Kiki hasn’t had a chance to cum yet so it’s doubly frustrating to be giving Juliette pleasure. Still she does it so well.We can’t end the show without Kiki getting to release. It’s not going to be easy though. She has to be teased first. She’s so horny that she starts squirting as soon as she’s allowed to cum.

Pornstars: Kiki Cali

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