Season’s Beatings from Dee Williams to Ariel X


Description: All Dee Williams wants for christmas is a hot submissive slut under the tree. She promises she won’t break her toys, so Santa has deemed Dee a good girl and given her what she asked for. Dee Williams teases Ariel with the sweet smell of her pussy before she bends Ariel over for some pussy eating of her own. Dee gives ariel the ass eating of a lifetime. Likes to play nice with her toys so she fingers and spanks her toy bouncing from playful to rough all the while reading her submissive sluts face, helping her to ride the wave of pain and pleasure. Dee takes the ball gag out so that Ariel can finally lick her pussy and bring her to pleasure. Then Dee puts on a strapon and fucks her toy until she’s cuming over and over.

Pornstars: Ariel X / Dee Williams