TAG TEAM LEAGUE DEBUT Team Purple vs Team Red


Description: TAG TEAM LEAGUE OPENING DAY TEAM RED Ariel X & Samantha Sin Combined HT: 127′ Combined WT: 235lbs Record: (0-0) Not Ranked: TEAM PURPLE Von Tess & Amber Rayne Combined HT:127′ Combined WT: 240lbs Record:(0-0) Not Ranked Welcome to Ultimate Surrender’s first ever TAG TEAM League. 5 teams will battle throughout the year, with the top 3 teams making the playoffs in December. The rules are set: 3 tags per team, per round. Three 12-minute non-scripted wrestling rounds. Then the last round where the winners tie up, dominate, humiliate, and brutally fuck the losers. The first match was all we had hoped it would be. 36 minutes of grueling wrestling, multiple lead changes, great fingering, and submission holds. Amazing 2 on 1 action as well as 2 on 2 action. The winner was decided in the last minute, with the winning team winning by only 17pts! The final Score was 586 to 569. But which team came out on top? Which team is going to get fucked? And who’s going to get it in the ass? Join now and get in on the ground floor of this exciting new sport, as the TAG TEAM LEAGUE launches today!

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