Tiny Asian Marica Hase gets bound, spanked and completely destroyed by epic deepthoat on BBC!


Tiny Asian Marica Hase admitted to us that she was nervous. She took one look at the 10 inch BBC that was going to work her over today and wasn’t sure she was up to it. We have faith in this little fucktoy however. By the time we are done with her, her throat is going to be trained well enough it will be up to taking on any dick out there. Today is going to be simple-we are going to manhandle this little slut every which way until she can no longer see straight. We start her off blindfolded and bound, so that she can not see or anticipate anything that is coming her way. Walking up and grabbing her we shove a ballgag into the mouth hole to get her training started. Then we yank her up over our legs and lay out some firm classic OTK spanking. Her flawless ass roses up quite nicely. Ripping off the blindfold and the gag, we replace it with cock. She startles when she first sees the dick, it is so big she doesn’t think it will possibly fit. We promptly prove her wrong. It turns out that anything can fit if you use enough determination. Marica surrenders to the cock, worshiping it like the cockslut that she is. We jam it down her tender throat until her eyes budge. The dick transforms this pretty package into a disheveled mess, as dicks are wont do. Let’s rip this fucktoy into pieces with orgasms. Pulling her up off her knees and slamming her down on a chair, we apply the vibrator through her strict crotch rope. She cums hard, gasping and moaning through her ropes. A little breath play seals the deal as we cover up her mouth with a big hand. Marica is reduced to a broken doll, bound and twitching on the chair. This fucktoy is a keeper!

Pornstars: Jack Hammer / Marica Hase

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