Wenona ‘The Gymnast’ (1-0) vs Sasha ‘The Druid’ Lexing(0-0)


Description: Season Six Match Wenona The Gymnast HT: 5’8 WT: 120lbs Season record (0-1) Lifetime record (6-6) Ranked 8th SASHA LEXING The Druid HT: 5’8 WT: 110lbs Season record (0-0) Lifetime record (0-0) Not ranked Wenona’s welcome back to season six was a defeat and a good brutal fucking from the Adrianaconda. You can guarantee Wenona will not suffer that from a rookie. Sasha is a sexy feisty Irish red head who loves mixing it up. Being strong, flexible and determined to win will get her far, but experience on the mat will get her farther. Today is a life experience day for Sasha. She learns the brutal truth: that determination and spirit is not enough to protect you from getting your ass kicked, nor from being fucked like a helpless slut after a crushing defeat.

Pornstars: Sasha Lexing / Wenona

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